Wash Your face with water

After washing your face with hot water, splash some cold water on it so that it closes your pores. Not just this, it also soothes your eyes. It also helps you get rid of the harmful effects of sun’s rays, as cold water tightens and protects the pores that get opened up when the skin is exposed to sun’s harmful rays.Cool water for face


Benefits of eating natural juices

In times like summer; the heat, the high temperatures, make us have to hydrate more. Remember that we do not necessarily need to feel thirsty to have to hydrate ourselves.

For this, a good option is natural juices, those that help us and facilitate the digestive process, provide us with simple sugars to give healthy energy to our body and strengthen our immune system.

fruits juice

Benefits of natural juices

  • 90% is water, which makes them excellent moisturizers.
  • They contain no fat and provide simple sugars delivering healthy energy.
  • They deliver carbohydrates (fructose), organic acids, vitamins such as A and C that contribute to assimilate elements such as iron, calcium and phosphorus to improve the immune system, fight against respiratory infections and help growth.
  • Our body assimilates 95% of its nutrients, so it is ideal to consume a glass of fruit juice a day.
  • They maintain a balance in our organism, by giving us alkalizing.
  • In the digestive process, active plant enzymes are linked with the enzymes present in the stomach, facilitating the absorption of nutrients.
  • They give us antioxidant power: Fruits and vegetables are stuffed with substances such as beta-carotene and vitamins A, C and E that protect us against diseases.

Some juice alternatives and their benefits:

Orange juice

fresh orange juice

  • They provide a large amount of vitamin C (all citrus, especially this fruit), which helps us cope with colds and winter diseases.
  • Orange includes different substances such as: calcium, phosphorus, iron, magnesium, potash and soda.
  • Calcium facilitates the development of bones in children.
  • Phosphorus is necessary for situations of stress, nervous people and intoxications.
  • Iron helps the blood hemoglobinization.
  • Magnesium fights constipation.
  • Potash acts as a cleanser and dissolves fat.
  • The soda stimulates the pancreatic juice, activates the gastroduodenal digestive process, activates the hydrochloric secretion and together with the citric acid dissolves the uric acid.

Apple juice


  • The apple contains pectin, a type of soluble fiber that helps lower blood cholesterol levels.
  • It delivers antioxidants that prevent the aging of tissues.
  • Fructose, its sweet taste, helps regulate blood glucose levels.
  • It helps to digest food.
  • Stimulates bowel movement and prevents constipation.
  • It causes the secretion of enzymes that are used to digest fats.

Carrot juice

Carrot juice

  • It gives us a large and varied amount of vitamins.
  • Its compounds strengthen our immune or defensive system.
  • Prevents intestinal injuries and cancels infections with colitis.
  • It is purifying the blood.

Cranberry juice

Fresh cranberry drink

  • This fruit contains flavonoids that help prevent or reduce eye fatigue caused by certain stimuli such as the use of computers, driving or reading.

Grape juice

Grape juice

  • Excellent source of vitamin C and potassium.

Celery Juice


  • Contains vitamins A, B, C, P and minerals, consumption is healthy and refreshing because of its high water content.
  • A large amount of potassium that is given to us is necessary for the transmission and generation of the nervous impulse and for normal muscular activity.
  • Thanks to its high calcium content, it is good for bones and teeth. Also for the formation of blood and creation of healthy and strong tissues.

Tomato juice


  • Source of potassium and vitamin C. It also provides beta-carotene.

Benefits of yoga on your health: The secrete of life

YOga Practices

Yoga improves the health of those who practice it, thanks to its many benefits. The yoga poses do not stop surprising because of the physical, mental and spiritual benefits that are obtained in yoga classes . Feel in the air inside and out. Yoga brings an expansion in all fields of human existence. Its practice guarantees a firm body, a stable mind and a benevolent spirit. Check the different types of yoga benefits.

Physical benefits of yoga:

Physical benefits of yoga

Strength: the asanas tone every part of the body.
Resistance: regular practice increases the ability to work.
Flexibility: a young body is maintained and restored through proper stretching.
Posture: while tone and flexibility are balanced, an upright and effortless posture is established.
Energy: improved glandular function and deep relaxation leave one cool and calm.
Health: A consistent state of wellness is experienced when the mind and body are balanced.
Improved blood circulation.


Mental benefits of yoga:

Yoga benefits mentaly

Concentration: the penetration of yoga postures deepens and extends concentration, memory and attention.
Emotional stability: contact with the inner self-gives us perspective on life and isolates the mind from alterations.
Peace: tranquility in the mind, tolerance in the mind and absorption in the inner self-generates a permanent state of peace and tranquility.
Self-awareness: develops the skills necessary to understand the functioning of the mind through the observation of the activity of the body and breathing.
Integral and progressive development of mind and body: facilitating the expression of the potentials of the practitioner and strengthening self-esteem.


Spiritual benefits of yoga:


Wisdom: a persistent practice develops the knowledge that blooms as wisdom.
Freedom: Equanimity and wisdom lead to the experience of freedom in daily life.
Integration: the regular exploration and the connection of the mental, spiritual, physical and emotional layers lead to an integral state of harmony.Major rest during the night.
Calm: another way of facing problems.

Step by step to take care of your skin after using makeup:

Many women are used to makeup every day. While putting face tones will make you look perfect, it is also true that if you do not take the necessary guards, your skin will be notoriously damaged.

Remove makeup

To avoid this, you have to do something with simple changes, you can see good results:

  • Know your skin type: you should analyze if it is oily, mixed or dry skin.
    Find your makeup: the correct base is the basic elements of your cosmetics so it makes a big difference.
  • Choosing the right makeup remover: wipes, creams, biphasic and waters are the options available in the market.
  • Do not forget a good tonic.

Washing face with water

  • Wash the face with warm water at the end of the cleaning process.
  • Hydration: it is key to clean your face, do it at least twice a day.
  • Twice a month, your lips deserve care.


Balanced diet: the secret to good health

The nutritionist and director of Diet, Katherine Larraguibel, explained that a balanced diet should be based on the consumption of fruits, vegetables, dairy products, meats, cereals and oils.

He approaches the summer, and both men and women begin to worry about their physical appearance to enjoy the high temperatures unapologetically.

Having a perfect body that looks in spas, increases the number of registration in gyms and the performance of strict diets that, in many cases, do not deliver the necessary nutrients and can have adverse health consequences.

Therefore, for the nutritionist and director of the Diet Clinic, Katherine Larraguibel, the main thing is to maintain a balanced diet that does not suppress food but replaces it.



In conversation with 24horas.cl, the professional gave some background on how a balanced diet should be based on the consumption of fruits, vegetables, dairy products, meats, cereals, oils and water.

Larraguibel said that the recommended is to consume 3 servings of fruit a day, but if dieting the amount should decrease from 1 to 2 per day. This is because the fruit is also a carbohydrate – although of another type – that in the long run also makes us fat so that its intake should not be excessive.

The same happens in the case of vegetables, where the ideal would be to eat 3 to 4 servings a day. The nutritionist added that green and raw vegetables are considered free to eat and can be in the diet in more than four portions, but when it comes to cooked vegetables, their consumption should not exceed 4 servings per day.

In the case of dairy products, the director of Clínica Diet recommends not removing them from the diet because they are a good source of calcium and protein. The women, who lose calcium more easily, should consume 3 to 4 servings daily, while for men it is recommended for 2 to 3 servings a day.

However, dairy products increase cholesterol levels in the body because they have fat, so preferably should be consumed skim.

Untitled design

Regarding the consumption of meats, it is recommended that men eat 4 to 5 servings of 60 to 70 grams, and women, 3 to 4 servings that make a total of 210 grams a day. Likewise, emphasis is placed on lean meats, such as chicken, turkey and fish.

The professional indicated that cereals are a good source of energy (because they are carbohydrates) and that when they are eliminated from the diet, the body’s defense levels fall. Therefore, when looking to lose weight, it is recommended that traditional cereals be exchanged for whole grains that have more fiber and whose calories do not reach to be absorbed by the body.


Your normal intake should be 3 to 5 servings a day, while to lose weight your intake should vary between 1 to 3 servings a day.

About oils, preferably their consumption should be 3 tablespoons a day and preferably obtained from seeds, such as flaxseed and chia, or use raw in salads.

The reason is that oil has more calories than rice, for example. Although Larraguibel clarifies that the ideal would be to cook without oil or, failing that, use olive oil that is less oxidized to heat.

Changing the oil for the use of soy for cooking is not recommended since it has a high concentration of sodium and facilitates the retention of liquid, which is observed in the appearance of cellulite.



Despite what one might think, the sugar present in fruits does not do as much damage as refined sugar and provides fiber. The nutritionist said that it is good to change from time to time a plate of rice with chicken for lunch for a plate of fruit and yogurt.

He added that fruits have another type of sugar called fructose, which, if not used in physical activity, enters the fat reserve of the body as a triglyceride. That is why it is important to know that there are fruits with a high and low sugar index.

Those with a high sugar index are p latino, peach and grape, among others, while those with a low index are cranberry, raspberries, citrus and kiwi, which deliver more fiber and have a slower absorption in the body.

Also, foods rich in antioxidants are the group of berries (such as raspberries, blackberries and maqui), green vegetables and cereals (such as poppy, chia and flaxseed).

14 Ways To Take Care Of Your Hair

Remember not to brush your hair when it is still wet so as not to damage it and use products without alcohol, as they are very aggressive. If you use a hairdryer, keep your distance


Your hair is sensitive to so many factors: the humidity, the heat, the concentration of salts in the water, the ultraviolet rays, the hairstyle you make, the stress, it is not easy to keep it bright, beautiful, healthy but you can do it. Do not worry so much and prepare paper and pencil because I’m going to show you 14 ways to take care of your hair.

Tip # 1: Brush and hairstyle:

To care for your hair it is important that you use natural bristle brushes and brush gently to avoid damaging the root or hair fiber. Avoid doing it while it is wet since the hair is more sensitive and breaks easily. To untangle yourself use a thick-tipped comb and remember to start at the tips.

Tip # 2: What products will you use?


You already know the numerous chemical products that you are exposed to every day so whenever you can, substitute natural products. For example, if you have dry hair opt for a good treatment of natural hot oils. Shampoos that contain alcohol are very aggressive to the scalp as well as certain gels or hair shapers. Finally, never use too hot or cold water to wash your head, it is preferable to use warm water. In case you notice that you are losing hair do not submit to dyes or permanent chemical treatments.


Tip # 3: Cut it at the right time:

There is a mysterious relationship between the haircut and the moon: If you cut your hair one day when the moon is in a crescent, your hair will grow faster, instead if you cut it one day when the moon is in fourth warning will take longer to grow. But do not hesitate at least once to cut the tips to get good oxygenation and promote the growth and strengthening of your hair.

Tip # 4: Beware of the dryer:

The warm air of the dryer affects the roots of the hair, make sure to hold the equipment at least 15 centimeters away from your head and if what you want is to fix your hairstyle, cold air is your best option.

Tip # 5: Bright hair:


Who does not like to have shiny hair? Unfortunately, dust, lack of nutrients and exposure to cigarette and cigar smoke can make it dull. This treatment will restore you to the beautiful aspect of always: you only need to wash it with a solution of warm water and cider vinegar. You can also use strained lemon juice. This method will also eliminate dandruff and an infectious agent.

Tip # 6: Dirty combs and brushes:

You already know what makes the dust and the grease to your hair, because you must remember that the instruments that you use for your care get dirty and, therefore, dirty your hair. I recommend that you place them in a container full of warm water with four teaspoons of baking powder. Leave them for twenty minutes and then rinse. You will see how clean they are!

Tip # 7: Wonderful shampoo for normal hair:


The Aloe vera has many properties formerly was used in pharmacies to make creams, moisturizing milk, emulsions massage … Well, this shampoo will leave the hair silky and shiny after a week of use, but remember if you have dry hair or fat you should not use it.

You need 100 ml of honey shampoo, 200 ml of aloe juice and 2 tablespoons of whiskey. You just have to mix the 3 ingredients and stir with energy. Keep it in a bottle, in the dark for 6 months and then use it.

Tip # 8: For oily hair and dandruff

To strengthen your hair, remove dandruff and excess fat this syrup is ideal. In just one month you will notice that it grows faster and stronger. You need a liter of white wine, 10 grams of seaweed agar, 10 grams of hijiki seaweed, 10 grams of kombu seaweed and molasses.

Place the wine and seaweed in a pot and bring to a boil over low heat for 15 minutes. Pour everything into a container and seal it tightly, let it rest for three days in a dry and dark place, shaking it from time to time. Then strain the cooking and add the same amount of molasses. Stir and conserve it. Take half a glass three times a day, before each meal. As the agar-agar is very gelatinous, it is likely that you have to heat the syrup to the Bain Marie each time.

Tip # 9 Home Conditioner


Do you want to have your beautiful hair soft and shiny? You only need a simple homemade conditioner: rub the scalp with mayonnaise for five minutes, before using the shampoo. You’ll see what a divine light!

Tip # 10: Homemade moisturizer

It is very easy for the hair to dry up: the environment, certain shampoos, the same water can cause this effect, but you can solve everything with this moisturizer. Feel a professional hairdresser and prepare it. You need a ceramic container and a wooden spoon to mix two teaspoons of honey, one of olive oil and one egg yolk. Apply this cream to your hair doing gentle massage with the tips of your fingers. Cover your head with a towel and wait twenty minutes. Then you can wash it as always. You will tell me the changes.

Tip # 11: Hair Restorer

How bad those strands look, sticking out everywhere! Do not worry that with this treatment your hair will be beautiful and restored. Mix a tablespoon of honey, two egg yolks, a spoonful of yogurt and a tablespoon of warm water. Apply with a light massage on all the hair and wrap the head with aluminum foil. Wait 20 minutes and rinse with plenty of warm water.

Tip # 12: Nourishing cream


Nothing better for your hair than a wonderful nourishing cream, its roots will fotalecerán and accelerate its growth. In a bowl, mash a ripe banana and avocado. This mixture should be distributed by your hair massaging lightly, cover with a cloth and let stand for 15 minutes. Then you can rinse with plenty of water and wash as usual. Repeat weekly.

Tip # 13: To avoid lice

Lice are a pest that affects children most of all but adults can also suffer it. They are very unpleasant not only from the aesthetic point of view but also because they can cause different diseases and an unbearable itching. Are you ready to get rid of them? Well, wash your hair twice a week with vinegar. Add this product after rinsing the shampoo and you will see how your hair will be shiny and silky.


Tip # 14 Tips

To finish I leave you some natural tips to strengthen and beautify your hair:

  • Avoid stress because it causes the fall and weakening of the hair.
  • Do not smoke, nicotine interacts with the body’s proteins affecting the hair.
  • Incorporate into your diet foods rich in vitamin C and B vitamins such as: guava, dates, peaches and whole grains.

Beauty tips for hand and foot care

Below you can read information about beauty tips for hand and foot care. This article shows information about nutrition and health with informative character that can not and should not substitute the opinion of a doctor or nutrition professional. If you have doubts or health problems related to this article, Beauty Tips for hand and foot care, we suggest you consult your doctor or nutritionist.

hand and foot care

In summer, our feet and hands gain a special role but also need care. The cold of winter is harmful to hands and feet and in summer, they need special care so that the sun and dryness do not affect them.


The hands are our business card and a bad care of them betrays our age. Following some basic care, we can extend the youth shown by our hands but for this, it takes a few minutes a day of dedication. Changes in temperature and exposure to water in summer dehydrate them and can give them a dry, wrinkled and dull appearance.

hand care
hand care

Enemies of the skin

The skin of the hands is thin and fragile and, in addition, the hands are subject to daily aggressions: The sun, the wind, the contrasts of temperatures, chemical substances or detergents, the practice of activities that favor friction with the skin … All of them are aggressions that end up deteriorating the hands.

Enemies of the skin

Advice for hand and foot hygiene

  • When washing our hands, it is better to use non-alcoholic products and perfumes that are not aggressive to the skin.
  • Use mild soaps and avoid using very hot water. When finished, dry them thoroughly with a cotton towel.
  • It is important to keep in mind that when you wash your hands, in addition to removing dirt and bacteria, you are also breaking the natural protective barrier of the skin and that is why it is convenient to avoid the use of strong products and to apply frequent moisturizers.

Use protection for your hands

To perform household chores, wear latex or rubber gloves to prevent your hands from being in direct contact with the detergent or aggressive chemical compounds.



Hydration of the hands

  • Apply a specific hand cream at least a couple of times a day. There are many varieties of hand creams but those that have urea or lanolin are more effective in protecting the skin’s natural defenses.
  • When applying hand cream, take the opportunity to massage yourself from the fingertips to the wrist. In this way, you will activate the circulation, you will relax and the cream will penetrate better.

Make yourself a weekly peeling

Exfoliation is also recommended to eliminate dead cells. If you do not have a specific product, you can apply one of the ones you use for the face.

After the exfoliation, it is advisable to spread a moisturizing mask in the area, preferably a specific mask for the hands.

Beware of the sun

In summer, the hands can acquire a tan that makes them look more attractive but you should not trust because as in other parts of the body, the sun’s rays can produce small burns that cause stains. The skin of the hands also has a memory, so even if you think it will not affect you, they may appear in the long run. Therefore, it is better to prevent using a specific cream with a protective factor.

Centers specialized in skin

There are many treatments to improve the appearance of the skin, from products that help to get a smoother skin and increases the density of collagen, lasers to eliminate lentigines or solar freckles or mesotherapy to return lost hydration to the skin. Regardless of your problem, it is best to consult a professional who will advise you on the best treatment according to your needs.

How to take care of the nails

Both hands and feet care, look much more with well-maintained nails. Here are some tips for nail care:

  • Apply creams or oils to the nails and cuticles daily as they provide nutrients and hydration.
  • Avoid hot water and use warm water and neutral soaps instead.
  • Use good quality glazes and good protective bases.
  • Use nail polish removers to remove makeup, never scratching them. It is better if you opt for a nail polish remover without acetone since it is an acid that ends up damaging the nails.
  • Do not cut the cuticles, remove them if they are very evident with the help of a specific spatula.
  • The best time to cut the nails is after the bath or shower because at that moment they are softened. When filing, it is preferable to do it dry.




Nail care.

Diet to improve the skin of hands and feet

Following a healthy diet will also make your hands and feet more beautiful. The following are some tips on how to follow a diet to have healthy hands and feet:

To have strong and healthy nails, it is advisable to take calcium-rich foods that also prevent your bones from undergoing decalcification over time. You will find them in almonds, hazelnuts, milk, chickpeas, hazelnuts, oranges, onions, carrots … To absorb calcium better, it is advisable to take foods with vitamin D such as eggs or tuna, foods with vitamin K such as spinach, lettuce, cabbage and soybeans and foods with vitamin B6 like cereals.

Take gelatin daily as it will help improve the condition of your nails, making them grow quickly and strengthening them.

Also take foods rich in sulfur and silicon such as fish, broccoli and onions.

Diet to improve the skin of hands and feet

Keep your feet in shape

Below you can see some tips to keep some feet in shape so that you can wear them with your best sandals:

  • During the shower, use a pumice stone to reduce hardness, especially in the heels.
  • If you already take care of your feet regularly, using an anti-hardness file on a daily basis will keep your skin thin.
  • It is advisable to apply a moisturizer daily and make it penetrate well with the help of a massage in the area of the sole of the foot, fingers and instep.
  • If you have corns, it is best to go to the podiatrist to be a professional who is responsible for removing them.
  • To avoid common injuries such as stepparents, it is recommended to cut the nails with ergonomically designed scissors and then use a soft file, when the nails are dry.
  • It is also recommended for the feet to do a weekly peel and walk barefoot on the sand.

French pedicure on a female feet

You may care your hands and feet naturally:

If you want beautiful and soft hands and feet then you should pay attention and follow these hands and feet care tips.

  • Take on a tub of hot water and put 1 tsp table salt, 2 lemon and washing soap. Now put your hands and feet in this solution for 15 to 20 minutes.

Rub your hands and feet with the brush to clean them. This trick can make hands               and feet clean, soft and beautiful.

  • Daily wash your hands and feet for 2 times with good soap and give them nourishment and moisture with cream or Vaseline.

This also makes your hands and feet soft and beautiful.

hand and foot care

  • Rub lemon peel on your hands and feet and wash with soap after that apply butter or cream on your hands and feet.

Give your hands and feet proper care with masks. Masks make your hands and feet          skin soft and elastic.

  • Take 1 tsp yogurt and 1 tsp basin mix them and make a paste. Apply this past on your hands and feet skin after 10 to 15 minutes wash them with lukewarm water and apply any care cream and lotion on your hands and feet.
  • For dry hand and foot make a paste of glycerin, rose sap and lemon juice and apply this paste on your hands and feet. On drying wash with soap and water.


This gives your dry feet and hands skin moisture and elasticity.

How to stay in shape though you sit-down whole day in office

You already did the difficult part: you put all your effort and managed to get fit. Congratulations! We are proud of you. Now play the hardest part (yes, there is something more difficult): stay in shape while time constraints or other factors of life prevent you from taking your old level of activity. But do not worry. How is here to make it much easier to deal with that problem. Start with step 1 below to find out how to eat according to your lower activity level and how to incorporate simpler exercises within the time you have, keeping your body in the best possible condition while enjoying all that life has to offer. offer.


1. Walk more. Walking is a very beneficial exercise that can help you stay in shape, feel more energized and be healthy. Not all exercises should include sore muscles and a lot of sweat! In addition, walking is an easy exercise to adapt to your basic daily activities, making it one of the simplest solutions to keep you fit.

  • The easiest way to walk more is to park in a place farther from where you want to go. Park around the parking lot when you go to the mall, the supermarket or your workplace. You can even go further and park one or two blocks away from the far side of the parking lot.
  • The second easiest way to walk more is to make sure you always use the stairs. Whenever you can, use the stairs instead of the elevator or the escalator.

A slightly more difficult but still feasible way to incorporate more activity into your daily life is to start taking public transport. This not only saves you a lot of money on fuel, but it usually involves at least a little more walking than your normal commuting to work. Google Maps has an excellent public transport planner (simply select the bus icon when you plan a route), which helps you know when to leave home, what routes to take and how much you will have to walk.                                     Office desktop layout                                                                                                                                                         2. Modify the layout of your desktop. Standing while you work can help your body do more activity than if you were sitting. Spend at least part of your workday standing up instead of sitting in order to facilitate your blood flow and maintain muscles.

  •  If you are not sure what your boss might think about this change, act strategically when you put this idea to him: “If you help us make these changes, it will keep us healthier and happier, which means that you will spend less money in the long term. in relation to health care costs for us. “
  • There are many desks for sale whose height can change from that of a normal desktop to that of an elevated one. This will make it easier to take a break from sitting when standing is too complicated for the work you do.

chair in the form of a ball

3. Use a chair in the form of a ball. You may want to change the way you feel when you have to be in a chair. Using an exercise ball instead of a regular chair will help you maintain trunk muscles and you will also be more alert.

  • If balancing on an exercise ball seems too difficult, you can also get specialized fixed models. These still provide some benefits, although not as many as the exercise ball.

meeting time walking

4. Walk during meetings. If you need to have a meeting at work and what else you will do is talk and take notes, consider having your classmates join you on a walk around the hallways or the building instead of just sitting in the room of meetings. This will make everyone more alert and also keep them more active, which will help them feel more energetic.

  • You can take notes on the phone or even record the conversation in case you are worried forgetting some of the information discussed.

other works

5. Do more chores. Much of the housework really involves a lot of exercises and doing them can be an excellent way to introduce activity and exercise into your daily life. Hold most chores that involve exercise and leave the rest for your family.

  • Among the intensive tasks are cutting the lawn with a lawnmower, making the bed, washing clothes and cleaning the bathtub.

Woman walking

6. Walk during your breaks. During your breaks, instead of just sitting and looking at the wall, walk the corridors. Doing so will help you stay alert, recharge your energies and also keep you active.